AireHealth’s VitalBreath In-Home Respiratory Care Platform, Launching in Q1 2021


AireHealth is no longer only a connected nebulizer company, now we are an in-home, virtual respiratory care company allowing a person with compromised lungs to be more proactive with their respiratory care with the support and oversight of their Provider.  

How did we accomplish this?  AireHealth accelerated our three year product development roadmap with a June 2020 acquisition of BreathResearch, a Silicon Valley-based respiratory healthcare company.  Full press release here.

Stacie Ruth, our CEO elaborates that, “AireHealth is very excited to rapidly pull forward our roadmap of innovation for respiratory care by merging with BreathResearch, and together creating the VitalBreath platform. This step brings the added level of lung health analytics to our existing respiratory care solution.”

Making Waves with VitalBreath

The unmet needs in the home respiratory space are early detection and intervention of lung symptom escalation ahead of an acute episode or emergency that requires an ER visit or hospitalization. Respiratory compromised people in the US alone top 150M and they cost the US Healthcare system over $130B annually. The associated costs are driven by delayed diagnosis, delayed treatment, poor adherence and unnecessary hospitalizations. Keeping this vulnerable population in the home, watching for symptom changes, monitoring vital signs, measuring lung health indicators and intervening quickly through patient engagement and if warranted, telehealth visits will save lungs and lives.

AireHealth is solving for these needs with our virtual care platform, VitalBreath.  VitalBreath will be able to detect anomalies and manage respiratory health by providing personalized, proactive respiratory care for people with compromised lungs so the patient, caregivers and clinicians are informed and involved.  

"Open Innovation is at the core of AireHealth and in the company's DNA", says AireHealth's co-founder, Jason Eichenholz, PhD. "We are constantly seeking innovative ideas that we can help bring to market that improve the lives of those with respiratory challenges. The merger agreement with BreathResearch is a great example of how AireHealth is able to bring this vision to reality."

The VitalBreath platform paired with FDA cleared devices brings together connected drug delivery and respiratory measurements (digital spirometry and peak flow), lung health scoring backed by 35 clinically validated biomarkers and patient centered apps for strong engagement, symptom and therapy adherence tracking. With strong IP including 8 patents and clinically validated products in our pipeline, we enable more personalized medicine, proactive care and early interventions to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

“I am very pleased to see our years of research and development in respiratory diagnostics and artificial intelligence come together with AireHealth’s medication delivery and adherence as an integrated platform that can address the unmet needs and gaps in respiratory care”, says Nirinjan Yee, former CEO of BreathResearch and now Head of Innovation at AireHealth. “AireHealth is an exciting company to be part of with so many years of successful innovation and commercialization under their belt, and I am thrilled for what we will accomplish together.”