AireHealth’s VitalBreath—Coming Fall 2020


AireHealth has reached an agreement to acquire BreathResearch, a Silicon Valley-based respiratory healthcare company. Full press release here.

Respiratory illness is a big and growing problem—the number of respiratory compromised people in the United States alone tops 100 million. This is made up of individuals with asthma, COPD, respiratory viruses such as COVID-19, pneumonia, and Cystic Fibrosis. They have a staggering mortality rate of 49.2 deaths per 100,000. Most of this mortality rate is driven by delayed diagnosis, delayed treatment, poor adherence, and unnecessary hospitalization. These factors cost over $130 billion a year. AireHealth is changing the way that these patients are treated and is going to help to save lungs and lives.

Making Waves with VitalBreath

AireHealth’s virtual care platform, VitalBreath, provides early detection of respiratory decline. Full visibility to therapy cycle is created by combining drug adherence and patient engagement with connected drug delivery, connected respiratory device and patient-centric companion applications. AireHealth uses 35 proprietary and IP protected biomarkers to look at different dimensions of lung health and processes them in our AI engine to categorize symptom severity. Then the VitalBreath solution detects and calls attention to anomalies and manages respiratory care. In addition, there is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) vital signs tool built in for in-home use and a phone camera-based warning system to assess patient decline. By tracking symptoms, status, decline, interventions and outcomes, AireHealth can build data sets for clinical benchmarks, improve early detection of respiratory diseases and reduce high costs.

Helping achieve the quadruple aim, VitalBreath powered by BreathResearch will provide value-based care and early detection of respiratory decline, saving patients' lungs and lives. 

"Open Innovation is at the core of AireHealth and in the company's DNA", says AireHealth's co-founder, Jason Eichenholz, PhD. "We are constantly seeking innovative ideas that we can help bring to market that improve the lives of those with respiratory challenges. The merger agreement with BreathResearch is a great example of how AireHealth is able to bring this vision to reality."

Ken Sakal, Head of Product, elaborates that, “AireHealth is very excited to accelerate our roadmap of innovation for respiratory care by merging with BreathResearch, and together creating the VitalBreath platform. This step brings the added level of machine learning and artificial intelligence to our existing respiratory care solution.”

The VitalBreath RPM platform will:

  1. Empower patients, caregivers and clinicians with real-time lung health data and AI to detect anomalies and symptom severity.
  2. Allow patients the ability to monitor vital signs via the AireHealth VitalCompanion Respiratory Care App (Part of the VitalBreath platform) in their home.
  3. Bring together AireHealth’s medication delivery and adherence devices with BreathReasearch’s intelligence and diagnostic tools.
  4. Allow healthcare providers access to real-time data and intelligence on a patient's respiratory condition while the patient is in their home.

    “I am very pleased to see our years of research and development in respiratory diagnostics and artificial intelligence come together with AireHealth’s medication delivery and adherence as an integrated platform that can address the unmet needs and gaps in respiratory care,” says Nirinjan Yee, former CEO of BreathResearch and now Head of Innovation at AireHealth. “AireHealth is an exciting company to be part of with so many years of successful innovation and commercialization under their belt, and I am thrilled for what we will accomplish together.”

    VitalBreath powered by BreathResearch will be able to detect anomalies and manage respiratory health by providing personalized, proactive respiratory care for people with compromised lungs so the patient, caregivers and clinicians are informed and involved.