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AireHealth’s portable nebulizer and diary companion app helps 100+ million people in the U.S. living with respiratory conditions. To give you an idea of some of the breakdown, there are over 25 million people in the U.S with asthma, and almost 15 million adults who have been diagnosed with COPD.

For a person with breathing difficulties or respiratory problems, sometimes the easiest tasks can be hard. It can be frustrating and tiring to miss out on everyday activities with friends and family, and work, because you suffered through an episode and didn’t catch your symptoms in time to take proactive measures. Sometimes, this can result in frequent doctor appointments and dreaded trips to the ER.

Care Taker With Hand on Shoulder of Elderly Asthmatic Women

At AireHealth, we understand that respiratory illness can be scary, and we have your back.

Our portable nebulizer is silent and simple for both children and adults to use and can be used on-the-go—no power outlet needed! When you increase medication adherence with AireHealth’s nebulizer and diary companion app, it helps reduce a respiratory exacerbation from occurring.

With AireHealth, you can be worry-free and breathe easy.

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