AireHealth’s portable nebulizer and companion app helps 100+ million people in the U.S. living with respiratory illness, including 29 million wheezy kids.

Having a child with asthma can not only be hard for him or her to manage, but it takes a toll on parents. It can be frustrating and tiring to see your child suffer through asthma attacks and not catch symptoms in time to take proactive measures.

In addition, it can mean time that your child isn’t able to hang out with friends, play their favorite sport or activity or even miss school. They can even end up in the ER. In turn, as a parent, your daily life is impacted at a personal and financial level.

At AireHealth, we understand that asthma can be scary, and we have your—and your child's—back.

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AireHealth's portable nebulizer & companion app can be more effective than an inhaller or a non-medical grade atomizer

In missed school days, ages 5-17

2.6 DAYS

Average school days missed per child

1 OUT OF 12

School age children have asthma


Annual economic cost of asthma

Our portable nebulizer is silent and simple for wheezy kids to use, even by themselves. When your child increases medication adherence with AireHealth’s nebulizer and companion app, it reduces their chance of having an asthma attack. In fact, our portable nebulizer and companion app can be more effective than an inhaler or a non-medical grade atomizer.
Your child can be free, and you can be worry-free.


Parenting a Wheezy Child? You're Not Alone

At AireHealth, we are parents, patients, and caregivers. This means we are genuinely passionate about improving respiratory care for millions of people throughout the U.S.