Breathe Easy With AireHealth

At AireHealth, we understand the challenges that people living with chronic respiratory conditions face. That's why we designed the first portable- connected nebulizer and diary companion app to fit into your life —
anytime, anywhere.

✔️ Smaller than a smart phone

✔️ Silent

✔️No outlet needed

✔️Rechargeable lithium ion battery

✔️Meets TSA air travel standards

Stay Connected With Your Provider

AireHealth's digital health solution enables you and your doctor to view and track your treatment information. As the results are shared in real-time, your provider can quickly and easily make informed adjustments to your respiratory care plan — ensuring that your treatment is effective and you can breathe freely every day.

AireHealth Asthma App
  • Medications

    Enter all of your medications in the respiratory care diary app and never miss a nebulizer treatment.

  • Symptoms & Triggers

    Log all your symptoms and triggers to help you and your doctor better manage your respiratory condition.

  • Air Quality Report

    Get ready for the day ahead with your daily air quality report. Don’t leave the house unprepared!

  • App Notifications

    Set alerts and receive app notifications to help remind you to take your treatment.