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As an innovative digital health company, delivering meaningful innovation is our passion. With strong IP and clinically validated products in our pipeline, we enable more personalized medicine, proactive care, and early interventions to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Our senior management team has 150+ years combined experience developing, commercializing and launching medical technology products globally.

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Respiratory Illness Is a Significant and Growing Problem

Chronic respiratory conditions, such as COPD and Cystic Fibrosis, are major public health issues not only in the U.S., but across the globe. Over 500 million people worldwide live with a chronic respiratory condition — with studies suggesting that lung damage related to COVID-19 will further increase this figure.

$130 Billion Annual Costs

$130 billion annual costs associated with delayed diagnosis and treatment, poor patient adherence and unnecessary hospitalizations.

49.2 deaths per 1000

Respiratory conditions such as Asthmas, COPD, and Respiratory Virus, Pneumonia and Cystic Fibrosis account for 49.2 deaths per 1000.

Value Of Remote Patient Monitoring

A recent clinical study supports the use of remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs to guide appropriate interventions aimed at reducing healthcare utilization in COPD patients.

Cooper, C. et al. Remote Patient Monitoring for the Detection of COPD Exacerbations. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2020; 15: 2005–2013.

A Suite Of Solutions To Support Respiratory Care and Drug Development.

AireHealth provides digital health solutions that may be used to support new or existing remote monitoring programs, virtual clinical trials and respiratory drug development. Our home-based respiratory care platform combines effective and efficient drug delivery with actionable clinical data, to provide early detection of respiratory decline, improve care outcomes, and reduce costs.

AireHealth Portable Nebulizer and Asthma App

The AireHealth Difference


Portable, user-intuitive nebulizer that quickly delivers 98% of medication, reducing waste while providing fast symptom relief.

Tunable Mesh

Size and shape of nebulizer mesh and piezo can be adjusted and tuned to accomodate different and novel drugs.

Clinical Portal

Connected to a cloud-based app that tracks adherence and vital signs that are reported to clinicians in real-time.

AireHealth’s Journey to Digital Health

Our co-founders saw an opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people living with a respiratory disease and founded our mission to save lungs and lives.