How To Use

Diagram For How to Use AireHealth Portable Nebulizer Machine


Open the medication cup cap, insert your prescribed medication and close the medication cup. Attach the medication cup to the handset by sliding the medication cup until it stops.

Diagram of How to Add Medication to Your AireHealth Nebulizer


Attach the mouthpiece or mask adapter to the front of the medication cup and press the on/off button to start the nebulization.

Diagram of How to Turn on Your AireHealth Nebulizer For Use


Slightly tilt the handset forward and place your lips lightly around the mouthpiece or, if you are using a mask, position the mask lightly against the face.

Diagram of How to Position Your AireHealth Nebulizer For Use


Start inhalation and take treatment as directed. When the treatment is finished, press the on/off button.

Diagram of Inhaling And Exhaling Using AireHealth Nebulizer

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For more detailed instructions, and how to clean and store your AireHealth portable nebulizer, please reference the instruction manual.