Healthcare Provider Presenting Patient With the Benefits of AireHealth Nebulizer Treatment

Positively Impact Your
Patients’ Quality Of Life

AireHealth is your partner in helping to positively impact over 100 million people who live with
respiratory illness through a more proactive approach and patient engagement.

AireHealth And You

As a healthcare provider, your patients come to you searching for solutions. Not only is our nebulizer portable with a companion app, AireHealth also provides patients with insights, the ability to be proactive with their asthma and respiratory care with measurable outcomes that lowers healthcare costs. In addition, the AireHealth nebulizer can be more effective than an inhaler or a non-medical grade atomizer.


AireHealth Nebulizer Product Definition and Specifications

• 2-6 μm
• 0.25 mL/min minimum
• Rechargeable lithium ion battery
• W 2.48" x D 0.98" x H 2.99"
10 oz
• May be used in adults or children 2 years of age and older
• 115 kHz
• 5 mL maximum

AireHealth Portable Nebulizer Kit Products Inside Portable Carrying Bag



Average cost per asthma patient per year

0 Million

ER visits per year at an average cost of $1500 (in the top 20 list of reasons for trip to ER)

0 People

Die every day from asthma