We Are Revolutionizing
Respiratory Care

AireHealth’s digital health solution fits easily into a healthcare provider's new or existing chronic respiratory management program to help clinicians remotely engage and monitor their high-risk COPD and asthma patients, close gaps in care, and reduce care costs.

We’d love to tell you more about AireHealth’s digital health solution for your high-risk respiratory patients.


Positively Impact Your Patients' Care

As a healthcare provider, your patients come to you searching for solutions. As chronic respiratory disease progresses, some patients may find it increasingly difficult to use proper technique when using a metered dose inhaler or dry powder inhaler to administer their respiratory medications. 

Clinical guidelines support prescribing nebulized medications based on patient preference, economic factors and physical abilities.


Improve Treatment Adherence

Prescribing nebulized respiratory medications for your severe COPD and asthma patients who have reduced muscle strength, poor hand-breath coordination, reduced peak inspiratory flow and prolonged exhalation may improve medication adherence. 1,2, 3

The AireHealth Difference

AireHealth's portable-connected nebulizer seamlessly integrates with an innovative diary companion app to provide patients and clinicians with measurable data and insights.

✔️ Helps to support proactive clinical intervention and prevent unnecessary hospitalization and ER visits.

✔️ Portable, silent and simple-to-use design fits easily into a patient’s pocket or purse. FDA cleared Class II and HIPAA compliant medical device. Meets TSA travel standards.

✔️ Delivers nebulized medications quickly and efficiently without the hassle of an air compressor or tubing.

AireHealth Portable Nebulizer and Asthma App

How It Works

Innovative Engineering

Utilizing the latest electronic vibrating mesh technology; our powerful pocket-sized nebulizer vibrates at a frequency of 115kHz.

Mesh Technology

Cutting-edge mesh vapor disk contains approximately 5,000 holes which liquid medication passes through to form an ultra-fine aerosol.

Faster Relief

Patients can complete their treatment in 7 minutes or less, with an average delivery rate of 0.35 ml to 0.40 ml per minute.

Effective Treatment

Ergonomic design effectively delivers approximately 98% of the medication in the medication cup deep within the lungs.

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