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Medication & Treatment

What Medications Can I Use In The AireHealth Nebulizer?

How long does the treatment take?

Should I use a mouthpiece or mask to take a treatment?

MyAireHealth App

What is the is the MyAireHealth App?

What is the MyAireHealth App used for?

Where do I get the MyAireHealth App?

Battery & Charging

Parts & Maintenance

My AireHealth Nebulizer sometimes drips medication from the mouthpiece. Is this normal?

Insurance Coverage

Is the AireHealth connected nebulizer covered by medical insurance?


Dosing & Treatment

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Battery & Charging

How Strong is AireHealth's Nebulizer in Comparison to a Home Plug-In Device?

Parts & Maintenance

My Airehealth Nebulizer Sometimes Drips Medication From The Mouthpiece. Is This Normal?

General Questions

Does Insurance Cover the AireHealth Nebulizer?