AireHealth Asthma App

We use our mobile phones for so much on a daily basis—calling, texting, emailing and posting the best pictures on social media. So why not an app to improve respiratory conditions? We thought of that for you.

The AireHealth Asthma App (available soon for free download on both iOS and Android!) enables you and your child to:

• Receive daily air quality and weather reports to inform you of any atmospheric conditions that might adversely affect your child’s asthma.

• Enter your complete Asthma Action Plan (as prescribed by your physician) and share with family and caregivers.

• Register and monitor asthma triggers and symptoms.

• Browse AireHealth’s library of asthma educational material to stay up-to date-on the latest asthma treatment trends.

The best part—all of this information can be sent to your doctor anytime they need help making adjustments to the asthma treatment plan, ensuring that your child maintains a high quality of life and can breathe freely every day.

AireHealth Asthma App
  • Medications

    Enter all your medications: maintenance or rescue, nebulized or inhaled, prescribed or OTC. You can enter them all!

  • Air Quality Report

    Get ready for the day ahead with your daily air quality report. Don’t leave the house unprepared!

  • Reminders

    Never miss a medication dose. Set your all your medication reminders in the app for any day, any time and any frequency.

  • Symptoms & Triggers

    Log all your symptoms and triggers to help you and your doctor better manage your asthma.