AireHealth is ready to enter the ring and help where we can in support of our national effort to stem the impacts of the novel CoronaVirus. We’d like to see our FDA cleared nebulizer make an impact, particularly for the patients we already serve - those with chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD.  We’re enhancing our production and distribution strategies to include delivery of COVIDCare Kits that package a 7-day disposable supply for our nebulizer. We are also working on a retooled version of our AireHealth mobile app to track COVID-19 symptoms and communicate status to caregivers and physicians as required.

AireHealth, Founded on Open Innovation—Join Us!

We’d like your help and have an open call for innovators and collaborators big and small.  Please contact us at if you are interested in discussing one of the following areas of potential impact:

  1. Companies with cleared, exempt and fast-tracked respiratory device peripherals and sensors—Partner with AireHealth to remotely monitor health status and deliver prescribed drug therapy for high risk respiratory patients at home by connecting your solutions to the AireHealth COVIDCare App.
  2. Drug makers and pharmacies—Collaborate with AireHealth to enhance COVID home care with known and novel respiratory drug delivery via our nebulizer (commonly used respiratory medications, COVID specific drugs, biologics).
  3. Virtual Care, Device Integrators and Telehealth platformsIntegrate our AireHealth nebulizer and/or AireHealth COVIDCare App into your existing platform.
  4. Those in distribution—Partner to create a robust distribution channel with retail pharmacies, big box stores and online distributors with national reach, to get the AireHealth COVIDCare solution out where it’s needed most.
  5. CoordinatorsYou are involved in sourcing and coordinating companies that want to make a difference in this unprecedented time of action.  

Two guidelines for anyone interested in collaborating: 1) you have to be able to fund and staff your company’s contributions to the effort as well as your solution and 2) capabilities must follow a rapid deployment model.  Think in solution sets that are 3 months or less to implement and come to the table with an open innovation approach. 

Bring your superstars, your doers to the table - we will bring ours.  We’d love to hear from you and we’ve set aside some time to chat with those of you also leaning in to help where we can – book your time here:

Thank you,

Stacie Ruth

Co-Founder and CEO




One delicate ask – there’s always a time and place for industry strategists, brokers, service providers and software/product development companies to assist in the AireHealth journey - however, this is not that time. Please no solicitation.