Living With Asthma - A Case Study

Living With Asthma - A Case Study
January 13, 2020 by AireHealth

Katy Trimble has experienced difficulty breathing and tightness in her chest for as long as she can remember. From struggling to inhale during skiing vacations with her family in Denver, to fits of laughter with friends that caused her to gasp for air, she spent the majority of childhood, and early adulthood, assuming what she was experiencing was normal.



It wasn’t until Katy attended college, and she visited her doctor after yet another terrifying nocturnal asthma attack, that she understood what was going on. When she arrived at her appointment with pale skin and difficulty breathing, her doctor immediately conducted a spirometer test. Katy was surprised to find that she couldn’t complete the test adequately when inhaling or exhaling, and her physician explained that this meant her lungs weren’t working effectively.

He proceeded to give her a nebulizer treatment with medication and asked her to complete the test again. Immediately upon finishing the treatment, Katy felt better; with the tightness in her chest reduced, she was able to breathe more comfortably than she had in a long time. After asking about Katy’s symptoms and health history, her doctor determined that asthma and allergies were the cause, and she would need to start a daily treatment plan.

Katy left her doctor feeling encouraged to finally have an explanation for her worrying symptoms. Until she was diagnosed, the months of February to September were particularly difficult, and Katy would often be overcome with symptoms of breathlessness and anxiety. The symptoms she experienced were so severe that her quality of life decreased significantly, and Katy often missed out on fun activities with her friends and family, spending most of her time at home.

This all changed after her diagnosis when Katy began a daily maintenance treatment plan that drastically improved her symptoms and gave her the freedom to enjoy life again. She now attends regular care appointments with her doctor, who continues to monitor her symptoms, and she has also sought the advice of an allergist to help identify her asthma triggers.


Asthmatic Women Enjoying The Outdoors After Nebulizer Breathing Treatment


Although Katy’s asthma journey is still ongoing, having knowledge of her condition, and understanding how to manage it, has empowered her to take her life back. Each morning Katy completes a maintenance nebulizer treatment that helps to keep her symptoms at bay, and she also carries a rescue inhaler with her wherever she goes — just in case.

Far from avoiding fun plans with her friends, she can now enjoy skiing trips to Colorado again and walks outside around Winter Park during the summer — activities that would have previously caused her untold amounts of anxiety.

Since finding the cause of her symptoms and beginning manageable treatment plan, Katy is now a thriving health science student at The University of Central Florida, with plans to be an Optometrist. Her future is bright, and her asthma symptoms are no longer holding her back from enjoying her life — and breathing easy.