How Do I Use a Nebulizer? AireHealth Explains.

How Do I Use a Nebulizer? AireHealth Explains.
August 19, 2019 by AireHealth

If you have asthma, COPD, or another lung disease, and your doctor has recently prescribed you a nebulizer, you might be wondering how to use it effectively. A nebulizer is a medical device that turns liquid medicine into a very fine mist that can be inhaled with ease through a face mask or mouthpiece. One of the biggest advantages of a nebulizer is that it helps your medicine go straight to your lungs, making your treatment more effective.

 There is no special technique to using a nebulizer, you simply sit with your device and breathe normally through a connected mouthpiece. As you breathe slowly and deeply, the nebulizer does the work for you, and your treatment is typically completed in around 10 minutes — simple, right?

Every nebulizer is different, so it is essential to use your device according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but there are some standard steps to follow.

5 Simple Steps To Using Your Nebulizer

  1. Find a comfortable place to complete your treatment.

  2. Wash your hands with soap and water to thoroughly clean.

  3. Add your nebulizer medicine as instructed by your health provider.

  4. Connect the necessary parts of your nebulizer, such as the hose and mouthpiece, to the medicine cup. 

  5. Place your lips firm around the mouthpiece to ensure all of the prescribed medicine reaches your lungs, and continue breathing until all of the medication is used.

Asthma Medication Treatment Equipment on Table

It’s that simple! Don’t forget to turn off your nebulizer when you’ve completed your treatment, and remember to wash your mouthpiece and the medicine cup clean with water and air dry, so that it’s ready to go for your next treatment.

AireHealth’s connected-portable nebulizer even has an accompanying smartphone app too so that you can track your respiratory care efficiently — giving both you and your healthcare provider an accurate picture of your how effective your treatment plan is.

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