5 Tips to Make Your Child’s Nebulizer Treatment Easier

5 Tips to Make Your Child’s Nebulizer Treatment Easier
November 25, 2019 by AireHealth

If your child uses a nebulizer to take their asthma medication, you may be wondering how you can make their treatment time more enjoyable, and more comfortable, to complete. Nebulizers are often prescribed for children because they are easier to use than inhalers and require very little effort to be effective — but they do require a little bit of patience.

Here are five tips to help make your child’s treatment time a breeze.

Create a Routine

Creating a consistent treatment plan that your child knows and can stick to is one of the best ways to ensure that their nebulizer treatment goes smoothly. Having your child sit down at the same time each day can help them understand what to expect, and they’ll be less likely to challenge or question their treatment — especially if they know it will be over in under 10 minutes.

Add a Fun Association

If your child often gets bored during their nebulizer treatment, try to make it enjoyable by incorporating a fun activity, such as reading a story, or watching their favorite T.V. program. If your child associates their treatment with something pleasant, it will ease their boredom and may even encourage them to look forward to it.

Make Treatment a Game

Younger children can sometimes be intimidated by their nebulizer mask, and this can make treatment difficult. If your child finds their mouthpiece scary, try to alleviate some of their fears by comparing it to a superheroes mask, or an astronaut’s helmet. You can even incorporate fun phrases such as “Avengers Assemble” when it’s time to begin treatment.

Treat While They Sleep

If your child is particularly young, such as an infant, and a challenge to keep still, it may be easier to complete their nebulizer treatment while they’re asleep. Discuss this option with their healthcare provider for advice on the best method to use.

Create a Reward Program

A simple sticker reward chart is often very effective in encouraging children to complete their nebulizer treatment — and it can also help parents to remember too. Give your child a sticker for each completed nebulizer treatment, and don’t forget to praise them for a job well done!

Child Dressed as Super Hero Encouraged to Use Nebulizer Treatment for Asthma

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