3 Tips For Wheezy Kids At Summer Camp

3 Tips For Wheezy Kids At Summer Camp
June 24, 2019 by AireHealth

If your child is wheezy, you’re probably worried about more than them being homesick when they go to summer camp. Parents of wheezy kids have extra challenges when it comes to finding fun and safe summer activities for their kids to enjoy.

There are currently 6.2 million children under the age of 18 who have asthma, but with proactive care and monitoring, wheezy kids can keep their symptoms well controlled. Although there is no cure for asthma, your child can still be active and enjoy all of the things other children do.

One of the best ways to ensure your child’s safety while at summer camp, is to effectively communicate with the camp staff about their condition, such as what their wheezing triggers are, and how to manage them. Take the time to sit down with the person responsible for your child’s medical care and discuss their asthma action plan with them. This will help to ensure that everyone understands your child’s wheezing and how to manage it best.

Keep reading for some more tips on how to make sure your kid has a fun and safe time at camp!

1. What Your Wheezy Child Should Pack for Summer Camp

Ensure that your child packs their medications and their asthma action plan for camp. It is crucial that they have enough medication to last their entire camp stay. You should also explain to them the importance of storing their drugs in a cool place out of direct sunlight, as heat can cause asthma medication to lose its efficacy.

Having your child actively involved in their care can be empowering for them while they experience the freedom of being independent for the summer.  

2. Make Summer Camp Comfortable for your Wheezy Child

If you take allergy and wheezing measures at home to make your child more comfortable, it is a good idea to do this at their summer camp also. Simple things such as allergy-proof covers for camp bedding can make a big difference in your wheezy child’s camp experience. You could even speak to the camp about providing your child with a mattress cover if their wheezing is sensitive to dust mites.

Likewise, depending on the location of your child’s camp, you may want to consider weather conditions and exposure to animals, as damp, mold, and animal dander can exacerbate wheezing and allergies.

3. Ensure Camp Activities are Asthma-Friendly

Asthma-Friendly Activities Summer Camp Fire

Some summer camps put a heavy focus on competitive athletics and physical activities. While this is fun for the kids, it is crucial to ask the camp staff about any planned strenuous activity — especially if your child experiences exercise-induced asthma.

Forewarned is forearmed, and by ensuring your child’s wheezing is pre-treated before an activity begins, you can make them more comfortable while also limiting an escalation of their symptoms.

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