3 Things Parents of Wheezy Children Should Let Their Teacher Know

3 Things Parents of Wheezy Children Should Let Their Teacher Know
July 15, 2019 by AireHealth

It’s back to school season! If you’re the parent of a wheezy child, you probably spend a lot of time making sure that your home is asthma friendly — But what about when your child leaves the safety of your nest? I spoke to a friend of mine who also happens to be a wheezy teacher. She gave me some really helpful tips on how you guys can make sure your child’s classroom is as safe as your own home!

Keep Fragrance Out

Wheezy children often find strong fragrances irritating. Louise, a third-grade teacher, explained to me that she chooses not to wear perfumes or use air-fresheners in her classroom.

“As a wheezy adult, I find overpowering scents highly irritating, and I’m mindful of this in my classroom. I try to avoid any heavily scented cleaning supplies too.” She suggests asking your child’s teacher if they can forgo synthetic fragrances in the classroom.

Store Treats Correctly

“I like to reward the children with healthy snacks for good work, but I make sure any food is in airtight containers - we don’t want to attract pests that can create allergens!” Louise suggests asking your kids teachers if they have food in the classroom, and if so how they store it. If it isn’t stored in airtight containers, she suggests purchasing some for the classroom.

Have An Asthma Action Plan

Child With Asthma Action Plan in School

Probably the most important piece of advice - Louise stressed how crucial having an asthma action plan is. 

“I usually ask parents of children with allergies and asthma to give me a copy of their emergency action plan. I also ask for a list of the child’s triggers. We hope never to have to use it, but if the time comes, I know I have all the information I need.”

So there you have it guys! Advice for making your child’s classroom as asthma-friendly as possible - right from the horse’s mouth!

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