As the smallest and first FDA-cleared connected nebulizer on the market, AireHealth's portable nebulizer helps people with chronic respiratory conditions to improve medication adherence and manage their symptoms while living life on the go!

The AireHealth Difference


Market's first FDA-cleared portable connected nebulizer. HIPAA compliant.

User-Friendly App

MyAireHealth app tracks symptoms, sends treatment reminders and connects patients with their care teams.  

Actionable Data

Near real-time data helps to support proactive clinical intervention and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits.


Connecting Patients and Providers

AireHealth’s new digital health solution empowers people living with respiratory conditions, such as COPD, and their providers, to be more engaged in their care. Our FDA-cleared portable nebulizer seamlessly integrates with our innovative MyAireHealth app to enable respiratory care providers to remotely engage and monitor their high-risk patients.

Respiratory Care Made Easy

✔️ FDA Cleared Medical Device & HIPAA Compliant

✔️ Portable & Discreet — No Tubes, No Hassle

✔️ Meets TSA Air Travel Standards