The First Portable Nebulizer & Companion App

Designed for respiratory patients ages 2 and over.



We’re More Than Just a Nebulizer

AireHealth empowers you and your child to take control of asthma, rather than asthma controlling you.
Light as “AIRE”

AireHealth’s portable nebulizer is lightweight, silent and simple to use.

Ease the Wheeze

Helps increase medication adherence and reduces the chances of escalating symptoms.

Breathe Stress-Free

Just clean and charge your
nebulizer, pack and go.


We Have Your Back

AireHealth's Asthma App helps you be proactive with your asthma care throughout your treatment. Receive notifications of high pollen days, track your symptoms and triggers, share your Asthma Action Plan and more.

AireHealth Portable Nebulizer and Asthma App

Stay Healthy, Stay Home and Breathe Easy

AireHealth understands that during this uncertain time, there is a fear of respiratory compromise if you have a lung-related condition. Learn more tips and education for living with respiratory conditions on our blog.

With You Every Step Of The Way

Our portable nebulizer is silent and simple for wheezy kids to use, even by themselves. When your child increases medication adherence with AireHealth’s nebulizer and companion app, it reduces their chance of having an asthma attack.

AireHealth Portable Nebulizer Kit Products Inside Portable Carrying Bag on It's Side

Asthma Facts


People in the U.S. suffer from chronic respiratory illness


People in the U.S. are diagnosed as asthmatics


Children 18 years old or younger currently have asthma

What They're Saying

“I am a regular user of a rescue inhaler because of my exercise and allergy-induced asthma. As I've aged, my symptoms have worsened and come on faster, often creating breathing difficulty and severe coughing. I wish I had a way of proactively doing a breathing treatment to start my day. "

"This device would have been perfect for me as a busy parent. I knew that 2 or 3 times a year my kids were going to have severe respiratory illness. Sometimes I didn't catch it in time and we ended up needing urgent or even emergency care. One of my kids was hospitalized for an extended period after an asthma attack."

"Despite some 3 million COPD patient deaths yearly and about 14% of children globally suffer from asthma, respiratory medication delivery tools have not advanced into the 21st century. AireHealth’s solution brings portability, affordability, and child friendly technology to all users globally."

"Remarkable experience ordering from your website. Super easy to use (gave me an Amazon experience) and shipped quickly. Now my 65 year old Uncle has the technology in his hands (literally, because of the nebulizer’s hand-held size) to help him breathe easier during a time where our fragile population can easily be overcome by COVID-19. Thank you for the ease of ordering a perfect solution for my beloved family member."