Take control of your respiratory health with AireHealth’s nebulizer.

AireHealth’s connected-portable nebulizer is designed to help you be proactive with your therapy, even on the go. Our goal is to help you catch and prevent worsening symptoms.


  • Be on the go
  • Control your health care costs
  • Effectively deliver medication, no training required
  • Connect with your physician
  • Monitor your symptoms over time
  • Be empowered with information

Feel Empowered with

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Today, patients with Asthma, COPD, and Cystic Fibrosis have limited tools to be proactive with their care. AireHealth intends to change that by introducing a connected nebulizer and medical app that provides patient engagement and medication adherence tracking. With a FDA cleared Class II medical device, medication is delivered directly to the lungs; making it more effective than an inhaler or a non-medical grade atomizer. What does this mean?

“AireHealth allows insurers, providers, and patients the ease of connecting their device and data to their physicians, their hospital’s EMR or their love ones.” -Dr. Shayan Vyas, MD

  • Led by accomplished health tech, med device, and physician entrepreneurs
  • IP for reliable medical grade mesh technology, FDA cleared device
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Choose the easy and proactive approach for your kids.

AireHealth’s nebulizer is silent and simple for wheezy kids to use, even by themselves. When your kids increase medication adherence, it reduces their chance of having an asthma attack.


Feel free on the go.

With our lightweight, portable nebulizer you can be free. AireHealth will be with you every step of the way.

Enjoy life one breath at a time with AireHealth.

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Live smart with connected technology.

AireHealth is a smart nebulizer with technology that communicates with your care provider so that you’re always connected (coming soon).


Trusted medical grade quality with AireHealth.

Get the benefits of a FDA cleared Class II medical device that is designed to effectively deliver medicine directly to your lungs.


“Despite some 3 million COPD patient deaths yearly and about 14% of children suffering from asthma, respiratory medication delivery tools have not advanced into the 21st century. AireHealth’s solution brings portability, affordability, and child friendly technology to all users.”

- Dr. Shayan Vyas, MD Pediatric Critical Care

“This device would have been perfect for me as a busy parent. I knew that 2 or 3 times a year my kids were going to have severe respiratory illness. Sometimes I didn’t catch it in time and we ended up needing urgent or even emergency care. One of my kids was hospitalized for an extended period after an asthma attack.”

- Mom of three “wheezy” kids

“I am not sure I am getting my medication delivered right with my inhaler. My doctor uses a nebulizer during office visits and I feel it works better. Can I get this same product to use when and where I need it, like at home or while I’m on vacation.”

- Female COPD Patient 10 Years Managing Disease

“I am a regular user of a rescue inhaler because of my exercise and allergy induced asthma. As I’ve aged, my symptoms have worsened and come on faster, often creating breathing difficulty and severe coughing. I wish I had a way of proactively doing a breathing treatment to start my day. ”

- Adult Asthma Patient


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