Charting the Lung health

The future of Diagnosis


AireHealth pulls the curtain on breath itself. With our novel Dual Sensor Spirometer, we were able to capture it everywhere. Our BreathSounds analysis quantifies multiple aspects of lung health and provides actionable feedback.

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"We are creating a novel hybrid patient-care model that will revolutionalize respiratory health"

The Market’s First FDA-Cleared Connected Nebulizer

Connected & Portable


Portable, battery operated, and ergonomically designed to enable patients to complete their respiratory treatments any place, any time.

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Our Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

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Ayanna Ivey

Associate Systems Engineer

A proud “AlumKnight” who studied Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida. She loves spending her free time at the “Happiest Place On Earth”, Disney World.

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Frank O'Neill

Head of Tech

Frank has worked with startups in several different industries before spending the last 15 years developing novel medical devices with Fortune 500 companies.

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Jason Eichenholz, Ph.D

Founder & Board Director

Jason is an experienced and successful entrepreneur and technology executive. He is passionate about bringing new products to market and changing the world for the better.

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Kien Nguyen, Ph.D, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Kien is a senior medical device executive with a passion for building businesses and developing teams. He enjoys translating technologies into new products and delivering greater value into the healthcare space.

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Kirstie Hines

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Kirstie has several years of developing content and marketing strategies for multiple industries, including MedTech, law, and real estate. She’s originally from the U.K. and is a self-proclaimed afternoon tea connoisseur.

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Shayan Vyas, MD, MBA

Medical Advisor

Dr. Vyas is an experienced physician executive with a successful track in Telehealth and virtual medical care.

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Stacie Ruth

Founder & Board Director

Stacie is a health tech, digital health, and virtual care senior executive with two decades of leadership experience. She is dedicated to helping people live better lives at the intersection of health and technology.

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Mature & Protected Technology

Our IP has been in development for over a decade. We are constantly adding new functionality & making optimizations. We hold an extensive list of patents.

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Patient Centric

A constant in our development procedure is always the patient. All our solutions that can be deployed virtually everywhere, have the patient in their very core.

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Our software is not confined within our solutions. Everything we create is modular, so it can be combined with internal and external software and be delivered wherever our customers imagine.


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- Revolutionizing Respiratory Care

As an innovative digital health company, delivering meaningful innovation is our passion.

With strong IP and clinically validated products in our pipeline, we enable more personalized medicine, proactive care, and early interventions to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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