AireHealth was founded in 2018 to address the growing burden of chronic respiratory disease. As an innovative digital health company, our mission is to develop digital health technologies that provide actionable insights to improve respiratory outcomes.

A Suite Of Solutions To Support Respiratory Care and Drug Development

AireHealth provides digital health solutions that can be used to support new or existing remote monitoring programs, virtual clinical trials and respiratory drug development. Our home-based respiratory care platform combines effective and efficient drug delivery with actionable clinical data, to provide early detection of respiratory decline, improve care outcomes, and reduce costs.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reimbursement policies and other regulations have helped fuel the rapid adoption of remote patient monitoring (RPM). 

Recently, CMS released its proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2022. In doing so, it recognized five new CPT codes for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (“RTM”) of “non-physiologic” patient data such as “musculoskeletal system status, respiratory system status, therapy (medication) adherence, and therapy (medication) response.

The AireHealth Difference


FDA cleared, class II HIPAA-compliant medical device. Portable, battery operated, and ergonomically designed to enables patients to complete their respiratory treatments any place, any time.

Simply Smart

Bluetooth-enabled nebulizer and MyAireHealth app empowers patients and their loved ones to track medication adherence, create treatment reminders, report symptom exacerbations, and connect with care teams. 

Clinical Portal

Cloud-based API easily integrates into existing RPM provider portals to track medication adherence and report patient use data to clinicians in near real-time.

Innovative Technology

Tunable mesh enables size and shape of droplets to be adjusted to accommodate different and novel drugs.